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Yeah, my reputation proceeds me. Y’all know who I am. The stats and the records I set speak for themselves. I was the number one running back in the state. I ran for more yards than the 2nd and 3rd ranked guys combined, and I scored the most touchdowns. And because of my athletic abilities (I played both ways, and also had the most tackles, sacks, and interceptions) – I was the number one recruit on the scouting report of every major college in the Nation! My handsome face is what you would imagine of a future All-Pro. And as a result, there were always lots of girls, all the prettiest girls I might add! I had them all worshiping at my feet.  Yeah – it’s funny how a little fame brings out the best in some people, and the worst others.

I think back at all the girls just throwing themselves at me. Following me like stalkers, waiting outside of the gym, wanting me to hit that. Some think it’s amusing, but it’s not – it’s depressing. To see young ladies who don’t respect themselves, knowing they are someones’ future wife and a mom – acting like prostitutes. But all my friends seemed to like that stuff. They would say, “Dude, look – she wants you.  She even gave you her number. She probably wants you to come over when her parents aren’t there, so you can hit that.”  My friends said, “Man you gotta go, don’t be chicken – just go.”

One of the girls wants to have a party at her house because her parents are gone for the weekend. They are trusting her to be a good girl. The funny thing is, this is the same ‘good girl’ that pretends that she has to stay after school for activities.  Well she is staying alright, but it’s not what her parents are thinking! She’s slept with half the football team, and now she wants me. She told me that her mom said, “You need to test drive it before you buy it!” Funny and sad, I didn’t think I was a car. Personally, I want my first car to be brand new – not a demo unit with millage on it! But I guess that’s just my fantasy, because most guys my age don’t seem to want that or even care. They’re content with used things, I myself prefer something new. I want to be the first and the only.

This girl actually brags about being on the pill since 9th grade, because her parents thought she needed to be. Hmm, makes me wonder what kind of parents this chick has?  They can’t be truly saved Christians. But I guess they could be people who just call themselves Christians like so many others, but aren’t born again. Because if they were, they would teach their daughters the value of her gift. The value of waiting for her husband. They would tell her that sex outside of marriage is a sin. But I’m guessing they just don’t want to be bothered with explaining those kinds of things to her. Instead, they want their daughter on the pill so she can be a whore. Which is cool if that’s what a guy is looking for, but that’s not for me.

My friends laugh, because I won’t do what they do. I don’t drink or party – and I don’t have sex. It’s funny to them, but the reality is most of them have kids. Yeah, kids with kids in high school, how cool right? Not! Maybe if someone would have taken the time to explain to them the importance of waiting – they wouldn’t have kids. You have to feel sorry for the kids. They were so caught up in that moment, the fantasy of being an adult, the excitement of possibly getting caught – that they didn’t think about getting pregnant. So many of my friends don’t have any fear – they just want to ride the horse – with or without a raincoat. They aren’t worried about STDs or even AIDS, all they are thinking about is SEX. But sex that’s outside of marriage comes with lots of consequences.

I believe what my parents have told me. And I believe what is written in His Word – that sex outside of marriage is a sin. Yeah, I know I sound like a preacher or a preachers kid, but I am not. I took my commitment when I was baptized as a big deal. My parents told me that if my relationship with God wasn’t a casual one, then I should be treating sex with a woman as casual. My relationship with Him is intimate. And God states that we should not have sex outside of marriage. So I am waiting. I’m not ‘holier than thou’ and all that – I just want to be who God made me to be.

I will admit that sometimes my flesh gets the best of me and I have struggled, and I want to hit this and that – but I also want God’s blessing over my life. That means more to me than any of my championship rings, or trophies – because as time moves on, all those things get put away in a closet and are forgotten. But the intimate relationship we have with God is forever. He says that He knew me before the foundation of the earth, and that He has plans for me. He has plans for all his kids who don’t submit to the desires of the flesh and allow Him to direct their path. I want to be more like Him. I want to be an honorable man, the ‘good man’ that the bible talks about. I want to be that Ephesians 5 husband who presents his bride to God as spotless and blemish free. So buying a used bride is not an option because used things come with spots and blemishes. I want a truly saved girl. One who has waited and who has prayed for me as I have for her. And whose parents have prayed for someone like me.

This walk I walk isn’t an easy one, and as a young man I am tested daily. And even now with a college degree in hand, you would think that it gets easier, but the enemy still temps me. So I keep strong in my faith and convictions. I associate with like minded to people. I know its not cool to say, “Naw man, I’m waiting until I get married.” Because so many guys judge you by the number of girls you have bagged. But I would rather be in the world, than be of the world.  The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.  I want to be a good man, and one day, a good example for my future kids! So I am waiting. Judge me if you want, call me a nerd or a prude, I don’t care. The only opinion that matters is that of my Dad, my Mom, and my Heavenly Father – when He tells me on that fateful day – what a good and faithful servant I have been.


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