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I’m different, just as the world is made up of all different kinds of people. And yet people judge me by my outward appearance. Why, because I don’t fit into the worlds’ view of who or what I should be?

I love differently, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love God. It doesn’t mean that I don’t desire to be saved, that I’m not trying to figure out how this whole salvation thing works. It just means that I see love differently from you. Does that make it wrong? Does that mean I don’t deserve love?

He keeps saying that You are never going to love me, and that You will never  accept me. He keeps pointing out my long list of sins and my shortcomings. He tells me if I go to church they will judge me and then they will kick me out. He seems to know me so well – my shame, my heart aches, my sins.

So I hide and I avoid the One person who knows me intimately. I run away out of fear. The fear that He will hate me, that He doesn’t love me, and that He’s ashamed of me. I run from the comfort of His love.

My friend reminds me of everything I’ve lost by being me. I’ve lost family and friends because of my choices. But I never dreamt that I would lose YOU. But he tells me that You hate me and that you despise me. He has convinced me that I am less than a person.

He says he is my friend, and the only one I can really trust. But why does this friendship seem so wrong, why is it that he takes pleasure in destroying me? Why is it that he only reminds me of my sins? He tells me I am his. But what about love, I so want to be loved! Am I not worthy of love?

Beloved, the voice that keeps whispering in your ear – is not your friend! He wants to steal, kill and destroy you. I want to show you true love and give you life more abundantly. I want you to know Me, to have a relationship with Me.

I love You so much that I died on the cross for all your sins – past, present, and future! I didn’t expect you to be perfect, so stop worrying – for you are anything but a disappointment to Me. I love you! Look at what Adam did. And in spite of his sins and his shortcomings, I still loved him. I came that you might have life more abundantly, I came to teach you and to show you Gods’ love. I came to deliver you and to show you the way.

And although you might feel like the prodigal son, that you can’t return home because of sin and shame – you can. Because all is forgiven. So when you seek Me – when you open your heart to Me – you will find Me. I want to walk with you and show you what love is. I want to be the One that welcomes you home. Allow Me into your heart and soul, let Me show you that you are loved.

You see I know the plans I have for your life. I knew you before you were knitted together in your mothers’ womb. The world may say it knows you, and it does in some ways. But that’s not the real you, not the person I created out of love. The world only knows the you that it sees and what you have shown it. But I know the intimate you, the real you. The one behind the mask, the one the world doesn’t see and doesn’t know. For I alone know your heart.

I know your struggles and desire to be accepted , to be loved. I experienced it as well. There will always be people who judge you. Who ridicule you and call you names. I know what it is to walk the path alone. But you are not alone, for I am with you. And if I need to – I will even carry you along the way. Regardless of your sins, you are loved. You see, I have always loved you – even though your life choices were not My will nor My plan for your life – it doesn’t make you any less loved or any less special to me. Because my desires for you never change. I came to give life more abundantly. I came to establish a covenant with you. But you have to be willing to trust Me, to give Me your heart.

There are men and women who claim to know Me, and tell you that I don’t love you – because of your lifestyle choices. But they are false prophets who do not know me. For although I may not love the sin, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the person – because I do! Just as I love you. I can see you have an open heart, and I long to have a relationship with you – and show you what true love is. I long to be part of who you are. I want to show you the plans I have for you. But I won’t force Myself on you, so I am waiting for an invitation. You are My special child who is beautifully and wonderfully made. The world may see you as different. I see you as a product of love.

Allow Me to love you. Open your mind and heart, and experience what I have to give you. Trust me, I don’t want to hurt you. Close your eyes and allow My presence to overwhelm you. I love you and accept you just as you are. Come, let me show you what true love really is, and that the only person you’ll want to live for – is Me.


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