Field of Dreams that are Deferred


Field of Dreams < Gods Glory> 28, January 2015 Copyright protected, all rights reserved

Will you still serve Me and worship Me if I don’t give you what you ask for? Will you still love Me, or has anger hardened your heart because you haven’t received what you desired? You keep praying for a child, a husband or a wife – but haven’t you already asked me for those things? It seems those things have completely consumed your desires, and now – you desire Me less. It’s as if the things you want have become your only concern, and that I no longer matter. I should be your main concern instead of always focusing on how I can serve you better! What about investing more time in praising Me? But instead, the desires of your flesh have taken over. You apparently have forgotten about your covenant with Me. So I in-turn, have chosen not to listen to your repeated requests, because now – they are more about you than Me.

I hear you screaming because your womb is barren and you want so much to be a mom. And I hear you crying about wanting your better half. But I have not yet heard you say, “Father, not my will but Your will be done.” Or, “Lord, whether or not I have a child or a spouse, I will still serve You. For it doesn’t matter if I am ever a parent or a wife or a husband – I will still love you and obey you.” No, I have not heard that from you. I have heard your constant complaining and whining  and your “Woe is me!” But I have not heard you say, “I will still love you even if I never receive a child or marry.” I’ve seen you pretend as if it doesn’t matter, and that charade you put on when people ask you about having a child or finding that mate.

So now you are angry, but pretend to be happy – and you even fake your fellowship with Me. You pretend that all is well, so when the world sees you, they see this ‘saved’ person. But I know your heart, and I see what’s going on inside. You are angry and bitter because my promises have not come to pass. I have given you the vision, and you think  that you have done everything to achieve it – but you have not. You have done what it takes to impress the world, but not me. I am definitely not impressed. I want your total attention. I need you to worship me in spirit and in truth. I want you to be true, both with me and yourself. You need to acknowledge that you are hurt, and that you are furious with Me because you feel like I have abandoned you and not held up My end of the bargain. Then, I want you to look very carefully at yourself, being completely honest – and ask yourself if you have truly held up your end?

It’s not a deal, it’s a promise. I will give you the desires of your heart. For your heart and my spirit are now one, so My desires always line up with what’s in your spirit. But you have free will. Your spirit is totally devoted to me, towards serving me – are you? I need to know that you will love Me even if you are never blessed with a child or a spouse. That you can come through the storms of life and still worship and praise Me.  It’s all part of the test, that demonstrates and proves ‘who’ and ‘what’ you want most! Do you desire that baby more than Me, or that husband more than me? I require that I AM first in your life – not last! You dream, and you dream big. But do your dreams include Me? Does your vision include or exclude Me? What truly comes first in your life – or rather, Who truly comes first?

Seek Me first. Seek first My kingdom and My righteousness, and then all things will be added unto you. But first – I ask you to seek Me, and worship Me, and obey Me. I need you to listen with an open mind, a willing body, and a tender heart. I know your desires, for they are My desires for you as well. But, in order to give birth to the vision – I need you to prepare for it. And preparation begins with Me. Seek Me, study My Word , and worship Me.  Beloved, prepare your fields for the harvest. Prepare yourself to receive the gifts I have for you. I have them ready to be delivered, I’m just waiting on you.

I think back to the children in the wilderness, and how they complained that they were hungry, and said they were better off in Egypt than in the wilderness! I  said to myself, “Why would they rather be in bondage than to be free?” So I fed them. And then they complained about this strange stuff on the ground. You see, I do things differently. You are expecting my gift to come to you wrapped in a package that your recognize. But what if My gift comes to you in a strange package. Beloved, don’t get so hung up in expecting the expected. I am a God of miracles, I never said how or when it would come, but I did say it was coming.  As you prepare to receive what I have for you, remember you have not passed this way before, so the only person you can rely on for guidance is Me. Seek Me and trust in Me – and I will give you the desires of your heart.


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