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I carried a cross for all of mankind, the journey was long. The cross was heavy, my family suffered humiliation and utter disgrace. I was prosecuted for a crime I didn’t commit.  I didn’t defend myself because I knew my role and my plan.  As I walked the streets carrying my cross there were those who mocked me, threw rocks at me, spit at me, But I keep walking because I knew that the journey I was on was not about me. It was about you, it was about having my blood to cleanse your sins. When I made it to my final earthly resting place I looked out at the crowd and I remembered saying to my father why have you forsaken me?  My purpose was and still is to save mankind.

The beating I endured , please tell me it was not in vain.  I was beaten, MY side was pierced, My blood oozed out of me for your salvation. I fulfilled the laws that were carved in stone, so that all humanity wouldn’t have to endure what I did. My child you see, you are precious to me. So precious that I gave my life for you. It pains ME to watch you turn your back on ME. You run around in shame, hiding and seeking refuge in other things and other Gods.  You allow guilt and shame to keep us separated but there is nothing in your past that can keep you from me. I won’t judge you for who you were and what you did.  It’s not about judgement its about passion. You see I love you, I took every bruise every kick for you. The pain I endured is more than you could every phantom. The tears that my mother cried and seeing her heart break, seeing her spirit broken, you could never imagine what it felt like. My life had one purpose.

I see you whining and complain as if you have something to complain about. I died for you, and if I ask you in return if you would die for, me would you? NO, because you have little faith. Your faith is not the substance that sustains you. There are doubts and fears where faith should be. WHY wasn’t MY death enough for you? You worry about what the masses say, as if you are in a popularity contest. It’s not about a relationship with them. It’s not about earning their approval or an approval rating. It’s about a lifetime with me. It’s about a night with the king, a lifetime of nights with ME. It’s about sitting at my table and breaking the bread of life with ME. It’s about remembering ME, because I remembered you as I hung on that cross at Calvary. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know how worthy of MY love you  are.

Beloved, nothing but the blood will save you. There is nothing in your past stronger than my love for you. Your past is over and done. All old things have slipped away. You are a new creation in me. You were saved by MY blood and MY blood alone. Whatever sin you have committed, believe me when I say you are forgiven. Do not allow anyone or anything to keep us apart. I am the lamb, I have been sacrificed so many times in history.  I went through suffering , and  so much pain and rejection and My death was worth each sacrifice. You see, death is merely the beginning of your new life. A life in eternity with ME. I knew no sin and I took on all of your sins. My blood has saved you and wiped away your sins.

You are saved by grace. Salvation is not defined by who you are or what you have done. You can’t work your way into heaven. There will be many who believe that their deeds will save them but it won’t.   I need you to  reach people where they are. You need to step out of your comfort zone. I need you to feed my sheep and comfort the least of you . Show love and humanity to all and spread my gospel. I want you to tell them not only how I died, but how on the third day I rose from the dead. Beloved, don’t make MY life story complicated or sophisticated.  Tell the story of the lamb who sacrificed his life for your sins, and how  that sacrifice saved you. Know that “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”.


Worthy by Anthony Brown

You thought I was worth saving
So you came and changed my life
You thought I was worth keeping
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought I was to die for
So you sacrificed your life
So I could be free
So I could be whole
So I could tell everyone I know

Glory to the God who changed my life
(I will praise you) Forever
(I’ll worship you) Forever
(I’ll give you glory) Forever
Because I am free
Because I am whole
And I will tell everyone I know

You thought I was saving
So you came and changed my life
You thought I was worth keeping
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought I was to die for
You thought I was to die for
You thought I was to die for
So you sacrificed your life
So I could be free

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