You loved me back to life( your love saved me)

77882310, November 2013 all copyrights reserved

You loved me back to life just when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. You saved me. my life was spinning out of control & you carried me through my storm. I was crawling on the ground, trying to pick up the bits and pieces of my life & you lifted me up. You saw me at my weakest moment and told me that you loved me and I was worthy of more. You were there with me through my darkest moments. I had lost all hope, but when I looked into your eyes I could determine the reflections of my soul. I could see all I meant you. who I was made to be. I no longer lay like the debris on the ground. I mattered. I belonged to someone again and I am loved. I now know what love feels like. It’s not ugliness or shame.

My life felt like a hurricane, twisting and spinning, reeking havoc everywhere I went. My life was totally out of control. It‘s as if the world itself had betrayed me. Everything in my life was gone and I had nowhere to turn & no one to turn to. You saved me. bought me back to life. You picked me up in the center of my storm. You carried my broken body and laid me in the sand. I cried because I didn’t know what else to do. Then you said ”I love you and you will never be alone”. It’s as if a weight was lifted off my chest, as if I could breath again. Your love has captured so many emotions that I felt. But in the midst of it all, when it seems like my life was heavy laden with a burden, you lifted them. You told me all I ever needed was you. And if I believed in you, my life would change. I do & it has changed for the better.

You loved me back through the ugliest moment of my life. you saw me when I was down and out and all hope seemed lost. Sometimes it takes being placed in isolation to be preserved from one’s own demons. The demons of our mind keep us isolated from life and people. That was me. I kept hidden, blaming others for my own faults and misfortunes. I couldn’t see pass my own selfish desires. I just knew what I wanted. But I had to fall from grace in order for you to raise me up out of the trash, the pit of my life. I allowed life and people to break me, to damage my spirit, and to define my own self worth. I lay there crawling towards nothing but a dead-end of broken and unfilled promises that were an illusion of my own my mind. But you picked me up, and your love has bought me back to life.

The Father said “beloved mourning only last for a season, but joy comes afterwards”. I have found joy and love knowing you. I have grasped hold of all that was lost. I lost so many moments with family and friends because I was caught up in my own dirty mess. You had to separate me from everyone and everything to show me that all was not lost. I felt like Jonah in the belly of the whale alone. In the darkness, all I could do was hope and whisper a prayer. All I could do is in my spirit hope that you would hear me. I felt betrayed by my own soul, but you reached down and picked me up & pull me through it all. Your love for me was greater than the love I had for myself.

My precious one, I saw you on the ground I saw you crawling around hiding from my love when all I wanted it do was save you. You deserved to be saved by grace you deserved to be carried through the storm because you are worthy of so much more than crawling , you don’t have to crawl through the crowd to touch the hem of my shawl. No longer should you hide in shame but stand proud. I have met you where you were I want to elevate you to a higher place no more crawling thru debris no more running… I have bought you at a price, my love has brought you back to love. MY loved saved you it saved your life, my love gave you purpose and hope again, it has restored purpose in your life.

Your love saved me from death’s doors. you grasp hold of me an forced me to endure again. Your love is teaching me to fight to stay awake. Father, you were there during my darkest moments. You saved me, your love rescued me and bought me back to life. I was running away, trying to run away, looking for an easy way out. Life felt like a trap. I felt like I couldn’t move any further, at any moment I would just fall off the cliff. Lord, you came to me in the middle my mess & surrounded me. You became my strength. You said “no weapon formed against you would prosper,” but more important you said that you loved me and I would never be alone again. I would never feel abandoned or trapped. When life seems too much to bare, all I have to do is call your name. If I was too tired to call, I could whisper it with my heart, & you will hear me.

I am awakened. I realize I was purchased at a price. Even when I didn’t believe I was worthy of such a cost, You still believed in me. You deemed me worthy of the price you paid for me at the cross. Your life, life’s most precious gift was given as a price for someone like me. You loved me, even in my darkest moments and after all that has happen you still love me. I am amazed at such love, such unselfish love that was purchased at such a great cost. Your life was given for my sins.



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  1. I love your posts. They really touch my heart and are so relevant to my life…my heart just melts and my eyes swell with tears.

    • Thank you, but I can’t take the credit. I pray, I allow Gods light to shine. So the world might see his glory. I just want to spread his message and make sure everyone knows you dont have to be perfect, or have lead a sin free life. Because no matter what GOD LOVES YOU and that we are all saved by Grace.

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