I AM Redeemed


all copyrights reserved by Gods glory

Lord  save me,  restore me back to my purpose,  your love for me reign supreme. Collect me from the darkness, out of rubble and restore me.  I walk through the world as and unpolished stone afraid to shine in your aura. I have danced in the shadows of the flame but not in the light. I have been buried under so much debris that I couldn’t find my way out. But you kept digging until you found me, and restore me back with your glory. Now I shine as the stone I was meant to be, I am more valuable than rubies – nothing can compare to me.

You have uncovered me from beneath the soil from which I was buried hidden from sight. Now you have redeemed me polish me off, restore me back to my purpose. Let me shine as bright as the evening star, and be your lily of the valley. I am desperately waiting to be rescued. I want to shine in your glory, I want to walk with you, please restore hope where it is lost. I am a just a lily in search of water and nutrients. I want to shine and give you honor. Let my life fully represent you. You have uncovered me, I was hiding all my vulnerabilities. I need to be unearth out of the darkness and given my chance to shine for you.

I am redeemed, I was bought at a price,  your love has removed all doubts, and all worries. You have shown me that in you I can find balance and peace. Your love for me has become a beacon of hope, it has bought a restoration in my life.  You have restored  to me years that the lost and removed me from my own self bondage.  I am no longer chained to my life’s disappointments, or isolated by regrets.  You have created in me a new person,  Lord, you have lifted me out of my darkest placed and restore hope and a purpose in my life. I am redeemed my life now has a purpose and plan. I have been redeemed by you.

Father, your love has taught me grace, and forgiveness. You have taken out the dry areas of my life, you have caused the dead bones in my life rise and regain life. I exist because of you and only you. You died for my sins on the cross, you knew my life had a purpose and a plan. My life is to glorify you, I am to rise out of the ground like the lily, I am to shine for you like your most precious stone. I am to sing praise , and glorify only you. My Redeemer lives, he lives to restore tomorrow for all who is  lost.  We should not fear for he has redeemed us, He has summoned our name; You are Mine. When you pass through the waters I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers they shall not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For you are the Lord my God, the holy one of Isreal.

When all hope was gone, and I had given up  you found me. You found me in the middle of my mess and you saved me. You didn’t judge me or scold me you just loved me. You saved me, and raised me up from the ruins. All I can do is shout your praises, because I am now worthy of your love. I have been redeemed, when I think of how you save me , and filled me with your spirit. It makes my spirit shout Hallejuah ,  you are worthy to be praised.

I am no longer hidden or covered by soil or debris. I am your precious stone, your precious child whom you have redeemed, I am like the son who squander all his wealth and returned home broken and ashamed. You are the father who rushes to welcome him home to let me know that all is forgiven. You didn’t see my brokenness, my filth,you only saw your child the one who was trampled by life, the one who has given up hope. You saw me and all my shame yet you embrace , and you gave me love. All my sins, have been forgiven, my past has been wiped clean. I have been restored to grace. I Am Redeemed.




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