His Spirit

My soul is like a puzzle piece, it aches to be place with the piece it was design to fit with.  A piece that fits perfectly together as one. When the missing piece is found the puzzle will then be complete. I wonder how does one know what the complete puzzle look like.  Do you recognize them by their spirit or by the flesh.  The flesh can be so misleading, Do you share similar dreams,life experiences, goals, values. I believe that my spirit will know the one it was knitted with in the beginning, before the we were separated. I believe we share a history that is not define by time or space. The only date that exist is our earth date. The date we were placed here.  In our quest to find our purpose, we are to find love. 
We are constantly searching for the one we were one with in the beginning. They have this warmth a glow that shines as bright as the aurora borealis, The warmth of their  love you feel is so intense, that it defines explanation. It makes me wonder how some settle for a millimeter of what God has in store for them. Why would you not wait for the veil to be removed , to see the essence of your spirit, his spirit.  Your spirit one again with the one you were created for. The two celebrating your oneness, your completeness your wholeness. I think all of heaven rejoices when we get it right. For some spirts there is a long journey maybe because you allow free will to lead you; But others they just know, its like rediscovering themselves again, no introduction needed. Your heart knows, your spirit knows your soul knows you are with the one. 
The warmth of my spirit embraces the warmth of yours. I long to see the imagine of the spirit that God has shown me. I reflect over my past relationships and review those in the present. What spirit reflects so much light so much love. Have I over looked this person in search of perfection? I know your spirit but yet I have I do not know you. I love the reflection of the light that comes from you,  To know that we were once knitted together as one, in the beginning of time amazes me. It amazes me that God loves us that much. That he created someone for us, who is apart of us, that we were crafted together, the giver of all hopes and dreams. To know you exist and to see your spirit so vividly,it tells me that you posses love beyond measure. I believe it would take and eternity to thank God and praise him  for you.  When God showed me your spirit he showed me someone who poses light. There was no darkness, no despair. There is only love that is filled with life,hope and joy and happiness. Your light is a reflection of the light that shines from within me. A light that sometimes gets smothered in the process of searching for you. The search for a spirit like my own has me sometime grasping at illusion of you. 
 I see your spirit is so encompassing it draws mine to yours. Our spirits are like magnets drawn by the light,and the promise to be one again. As we were in the beginning, one spirit intertwine for eternity. The process is like a farmer who is grafting vine to vine, my spirit is grafted to yours. I am part of your branch and we are part of a larger branch that is beyond our earthly imagination. What affects you affects me, every part of my spirit knows when your spirit is not at peace. I feel what you feel, I know when all is not well. An when you are hurt, I hurt too. How can two who were once one be so passionate about the other. Is it because time, nor space define what we share or who we are or what we mean to one another.
Your light that love surrounds me, its what keeps me warm and keeps me going when times are tough. You are that missing link that grounds my spirit. The wait for God to reveal to me who you are is worth it. My heart tells me that the journey we share, can not be compared to anything . Who are you ,and where are you,and when we meet  he will  reveal to me and to you. My spirit longs to be one and to be at home with yours. Where it is loved and protected. I hope that and pray that you are not a spirit from my past that I cast aside in my quest to find the perftect one. The spirit needs to worship the one who created it, and it needs to love the one that the creator created for it. It longs to be one with you.
His light consumes my soul, the presents of his spirit captivates me. The light that comes from your spirit over whelms me with love. I am totally amazed by the light that comes from with in. My spirit feels like a child dancing in a field of lilies, I laughs , I cry because there is so much joy.   Its a peace I have never known before. Gods grace is shining upon us. This journey that we are embarking on feels so different. This love that my spirit has for you is beyond words.  Your love is the gentle breeze across my face, the evening star that shines so brightly. I am so blessed, because I know that you are a blessing from God. The path that we as one, many have walked; but ours is a testimony to faith and hope. Faith in know that what he promises he will give beyond measures. It is my faith my endurance and my belief that brings me home to you. My spirit has walked miles in search of yours, it has withstood many storms, and lots of heartache for the one.  The one who was created with me and for me by him. I feel so much joy, so much love and so much peace.  I give you my abiding love, and all that I am and hope that I would hope to be. You are my covering, your love is the veil that protects me and keeps me safe. You provide my heart a place to call home.

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