Bloom (the oak keeping the faith)



17, May 2016 by Valrelyn

This tree, was uprooted last year due to a storm in 2015. The astonishing thing is that even though it was extirpated from the earth it still manages to exist. Even though life may knock you down, and  you  don’t think you will make it through the storm. Always remember that God still has a plan for your life, whether you are rooted in fertile soil or not. This tree  did to survive a storm and still lives, it’s a testimony to how awesome God is, and to remind us to never doubt the plans he has for our lives. We are to endure and not die, even though you slay me still I rise to live once more and once more.  This Oak tree is a testimony of what God can do in our lives. Even though your enemy  tried to destroy you  or our family and friends have forsaken you.  In the natural it looks like you should be dead,  and all hope is gone. What God has for you goes beyond the natural. This tree proves that you can’t give up you can’t die, you can’t do anything until God has finished using you. Its  2016 this Oak tree is alive once again.. God has a plan for it, it is inspiring us to live and not die through the storms that come our way.

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