Arise Adam

13, March 2013 < Gods Glory>Copyright protected, all rights reserved

My son, let’s talk like we used to. It’s been a while since we’ve had a heart to heart, father to son talk – but it’s time we did. I heard your complaint about a woman, and that you blame Me for her behavior. I thought you would have learned your lesson from the time before about blaming Me for a woman. So it’s almost funny how you instead, in the mist of it all – now blame her for your disobedience! My son, I watch you and hear you brag to your friends about your latest conquest. I see your efforts to conquer the world, but I also see you fail at the one thing you want to conquer most – the heart of a woman.

Adam gave birth to Eve. She was taken from man. She was birthed from within man. You were asleep during the whole process so that ‘pain’ would not be associated with her. Yet instead of treating her as if she is a part of you, there are some that treat her like she is prey, and then leave behind the remains of the carcass for the buzzards to feast on. And yet my son, even though she is the inner most part of you, you don’t appreciate her.

I hear you brag to your friends about the women you have conquered. You are like a wild animal in the jungle chasing after your next victim. Funny thing my son, I didn’t make Eve to be devoured like your next meal and afterwards passed from your body like waste. That is not what she was made for. You complain to your friends about the women out there, and what they are looking for, and how they have changed. You brag  about the hearts you’ve broken, and that you’re not looking for a long term relationship – but in private that’s what you pray and ask for – the one who will complete you. But when you’re with your friends, you say that love is just a game you play, and sex is irrelevant. And you don’t know why can’t women just accept that sex has little value to you. It’s because you don’t understand that you are creating soul ties with every woman you sleep with. You leave a part of yourself with her. Yes, she can be replaced with another, but your soul aches each time you do. So what happened between the time that Eve became your prize, to now – when you see her as trash, only to be discarded?

Adam was created to have dominion over the earth and everything in it. Eve was created as his helpmate. She is spiritually as powerful as a man, but she needs love and protection. Yet you can’t cover or protect or love something when you, yourself – are out of order. You run through women and treat them like dirty laundry, you don’t respect them. You don’t have a clue what it means to be a man. And yet you walk around as if you are the true essence of a real man. My son, who taught you, was it your father or was it the world that made a whoremonger of you? You say you can’t find a good woman, that you can’t find love. Well no wonder, all the good women are running scared because they’ve been hurt by so many bad boys claiming to be My sons. So they hide to protect themselves, and their hearts – in an effort to keep what little of bit of dignity they have left.

Adam, you flex your muscles and rave about the things you have accomplished. You have your MBA, you’ve got your dream job and expensive car – but you can’t seem to find that trophy wife – the one who will complete the picture. Or maybe you have found her, but she just doesn’t share your vision. So you chase the next girl in line. My son, life is more than just money and material things, but you can’t see that – because you associate wealth with happiness. What does it cost for a man to gain and conquer the whole world, but lose his soul and forever be lonely?  You say, “I’m not lonely.” But the truth is that all the things you and friends have acquired – have all come at a huge cost – your soul. My son, you have lost your soul, but even worse – you have lost your purpose in life. You have forgotten why you were created and for what purpose.  You can’t see the big picture anymore because you have become totally self-absorbed.

Success always comes at a price, and the cost is high. There are always winners and losers, usually based on how someone plays the game. But do you really want to turn love into a game, when you so desperately want to find Eve? You need to stop playing games, or I promise – you will never find her. Because she will be hiding from you – I’ll make sure it! She knows that she is just another asset that you want to chalk up as one of your acquisitions. That having her will validate that you are worthy of the world’s praise. You have forgotten the power of true masculinity. The power of being a noble King of the Jungle, and not a jackal masquerading as one.

My son I see you hiding behind this confident exterior, but the reality is that you are actually very insecure in who you are. You say you are ‘The Man’ – yet I watch you struggle with being who I made you to be. You lack the confidence you claim you have. Why the struggle? Look back at your life and you’ll remember the time when you and I were close, We were as one. But you distanced yourself from me. You decided you didn’t need me, that you no longer desired that intimate relationship that we once had. There wasn’t time in your busy schedule for me anymore. You now had to blend in, to belong, to be one of the boys. Your new life consists of your money, your women, and your things. Once you had ‘made it’ – there wasn’t any time left for Me. You forgot your purpose, and traded it in for the cares and concerns of the world.

Sure the world tells you what its expectations of a real man are, but it’s based on material things and status. Did I not say I would provide for all your needs? Yet you ignored My pleas and got caught up in the fantasy of it all. The fame and life in fast-lane, the so-called ‘good life’. And so you still struggle in achieving and conquering the one thing you want most – My daughter, Eve – who I have saved for a Godly man. I am saving her for someone who will love her and value her as a woman. I can’t give you My heart and then allow you to break her heart into pieces, and then toss her out like yesterdays newspaper. She means so much more to Me than that!

Adam, manhood is not about how many women you have slept with nor how much money you make. It’s far more than that. It’s not about keeping score or competing with your brothers. Competition is fine, but life is more than just about achieving – racking up trophies and awards.  I hear you pray, I hear you ask Me for a wife, a mate. You have a long list of what you want Eve to look like, I hear your flesh but there has to be more. She is more than flesh – she has a spirit, and she has a soul. There is so much more to her than her outward physical appearance. You need to look on the inside, the heart – like I do. I hear all your desires of what you want My son. You want me to create the perfect masterpiece to add to all your other achievements. As the Father, I realize that the flesh is weak, but she is more than that My son. And although My desire for you may be different than yours right now, I did give you free will and free choice.

I listen Adam, I hear your cries and I see your tears when you are alone – and it hurts Me. For in the mist of having made it and being a success – you are broken. The world sees you as ‘having it all’ when in actuality, you have nothing. I would like to take you back to the beginning for you to see that you were not created to dwell in solitude, I created you to be a social being. I created a desire in you to find and have true love. But some how in the mist of it all, Satan entered in and directed you on another path. The enemy told you that worldly accomplishments mean more than spiritual obedience. I need to take you back My son, to a simpler place in time – without the noise and temptations of the world.

I need to you to again desire the gift I want to present to you. Lay down my son and sleep. Sleep and allow me to  create this amazing gift for you. All your future desires reside safely in My hands. I am the great I AM –  and you are always safe with me. And when your gift is completed, I will awaken you . Be at peace My son, rest.  Now, allow Me to share a love letter I have for you …

My Son,

 Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. I created you in my image and likeness. Out of the very earth I made, I formed your body to be the temple for the Holy Spirit, and I breathed life into you. I shaped your mind, your talents, your emotions, and I formed a plan for your life that fits you perfectly. You are My son whom I love; so rest in My love.

 Behold ,I stand at the door and knock. Will you let Me in? Out of love I created you, and out of love I seek to be with you. I have called you by name, and given you the choice to love Me or to reject Me. I ask that you open your heart to Me and follow Me. What can separate you from Me? I have seen your past, and I know your future. Though you may stray from Me, I am rich in mercy and grace. I will draw you back to Me, so that with a humble heart you will confess your sins, and I will forgive you.

 You have a deep, fierce heart. I gave you this heart for the battles that you will fight. Like Me, you are a warrior. You will be attacked by the enemy, lured by temptation, pained by loneliness, and struggle with your fleshly desires. So put on My armor so that you will be able to stand firm against the wiles of the Devil. For then I will clothe you with power from on High. Pick up the sword of the Spirit which is my Word, and the shield of faith. Call out to Me prayer, speak My Word – and I will give you courage when facing trials, resistance in the midst of temptation, and patience mixed with longsuffering to endure. With Me, you have what it takes to succeed and to win.

 You have been called to guard and protect the purity that I have placed within you and around you. Guard the purity found within you, and only then can you guard the purity and the beauty of a woman. Give your life to Me; surrender your will to Me; allow Me to form your desires and transform your mind – and your fears will fade away. At the perfect time, I will bring you a woman to whom you will be willing to give your whole life. And then you will join with Me in perfect love for My Bride, My Church. Your bride will be My gift to you. Prepare now to fight for her and defend her, to love her, and feed her My Word so that she may be glorious – not having any spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that she may be holy and without blemish. Let all you do reflect the dignity that I have given to you, and honor those around you. You are called to lay down your life as I have laid down my life for you. There is no greater love than this, that a man should lay down his life for another. It is in losing your life that you will gain it.  Will you lay down your life for Me?

 I love you. Trust in Me. Trust that the plan I have for you will bring you the joy and the peace that the world cannot give. Take delight in My plan for you, and I will grant you the desires of your heart. And you will become the man I created you to be. Walk with Me, as I walk with you. Endure to the end, and We shall dwell together in my Kingdom forever.


With all My love, God, your Father.

Adam, your wife to be, My gift to you – is your  ‘help meet’, she is your comforter. Love her and care for her like no one else! After all my son, she is part of your body. And no man hates his own body, but nourishes it and cares for it. She came out of you and therefore she is an extension of you. Her loyalty is to Me first, just like you – but she will listen to you and believe you and follow you! I will be her ‘first love’, so it is there in her love for Me, that you will discover her heart.  For Adam, “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in ME, that a man has to seek Me to find her.”  So when you seek ME – I will show you her – I will reveal to you the one I created for you. For her very essence is embedded in ME, so to find her, I AM the one you must seek. And when at last you do find her, you will see that she is far greater than the sum of all your awards and accomplishments. For she is a part of ME, and My love for you radiates through her.

My son, whom I love – awaken, and touch your side from where Eve was taken. There is no pain there, because I didn’t create her to be associated with pain. In fact, even though you are not to put your trust in man, your heart will safely trust in her all the days of your life. Adam, it is time. Prepare yourself spiritually for Eve. I know sometimes you get excited about the gift that I have promised. The waiting is very draining and emotionally exhausting. So remember, those who wait on Me will never grow weary, but shall rise up and ride upon the wings of eagles. The eagle My son mates for life, it has one wife, the one ‘true love’ for life.  That  is how I created man, one mate for a lifetime. So instead of day dreaming and wishing – pray for her. Even though you don’t know her – pray daily for her health and her well being, for My protection and covering for her. I will keep her safe until it’s time for you to have her. Please don’t fall into temptation, keep yourself renewed and revived, keep away from the world’s lust and distractions that come along the way. And as I have promised, if you continue in My Word and in prayer – the Comforter, who is the Holy Spirit – will guide you, and teach you, and bring to remembrance every Word I have spoken. So don’t worry Adam, I have your bride, she is in a safe place with Me – in my heart. Eve is waiting for you Adam! Prepare yourself for her My son, for she is only a moment away.


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