pretty rocks2

13, March 2013 <Gods Glory> Copyright protected, all rights reserved


“Pretty girls rock!” That’s my clique because we are known for our swagger. People want to be just like us. Huh, now that I think about it – we are the envy of all the ‘wannabes’. You want to be accepted, you want to be popular – but you ain’t. You put on this ‘holier than thou’ facade, and say you want to be a virgin – like Mary. But girl, you ain’t pure. You wear that purity ring flaunting your innocence. And you want to wear white when you get married, but let’s be real – your actions speak differently. You know what I’m talking about girl. My momma says, “What you do in the dark, always comes into light.”

You pretend to be all holy and saved, but I know your secret. And that all the guys are after you. Sure, they say that you are pretty and that you have this reputation of being ‘a saved good girl’ – when in fact, you are ‘a saved bad girl’! You think just because you go to church and sing in the choir that you are saved? Really? Do your parents really know everything? Should we tell them? Do they actually know the real you? You say you’ve never been touched. Girl – don’t make me laugh! And you even have the nerve to claim that you will be a virgin on your wedding night – touched for the very first time!

You think because you haven’t had vaginal sex that you are still a virgin? But you forgot one thing – oral sex, anal sex, phone sex, texting sex, and sending nude selfies – is still sex! BAM, BOO! Yep, I said it – somebody needed to say it. Because even though you are known for being a so-called virgin in your circle, with you and your girls wearing your purity rings, and flaunting your bogus image that you’re all pure and saved – when you’re probably not. So, I just had to wipe that smug grin off your face.

Waiting, being pure is a commitment – it’s a promise to God. If you’re going to stand strong in your convictions, then stand strong! But don’t preach to the choir about how holy you are when you aren’t. And don’t proclaim to be praying – when you’re really preying. I may not be prefect, but at least I’m honest – and I walk according to my convictions. I know I am pretty, some even say I am beautiful. But beauty is more than skin deep, even though I realize that guys are attracted to pretty. Some actually care, and try to understand when you say you’re remaining pure until your wedding. And then there are those slimy ones who tell you that oral sex and anal sex – isn’t sex. But yeah, it is Boo! So when you look down on the girls who are having sex outside of marriage – take a good long look in the mirror – cause you’re just as guilty.

What? You say that you don’t have a baby to show for it, or the reputation some others have. And you also proudly declare that you can’t catch a disease? But you’re so wrong! You can get HPV or AIDS and who knows what else – because it’s the exchange of bodily fluids girl – hello! So before you judge those girls that you love to say are giving it up – why don’t you take a long hard look in the mirror.

No, I’m not in your clique. I know, you think I’m lame, and you even have the nerve to tease me and my friends. But at least we are all true to our convictions. Personally, I believe in waiting. I want God to write my love story – from beginning to end. I’m not in a popularity contest. I have my whole life ahead of me, and I want to see it unfold as it should. I realize that some girls get impressed with older guys and the things that they can buy them. But my gift for my husband is not for sale. Because it’s a gift that I can’t get back. It’s the most precious gift that a woman can give her husband, and him her.

My friend, I would like to see you get back on the right path, I want you to remember that God has a very specific purpose for your life. He has been planning your wedding from the beginning of creation. He has a husband picked out for you. But you have to be willing to wait for love. We have to wait. And remember, that even though in we are now in our teens, and at times we think we’ve got it all figured out – we don’t. You know it, and I know it. And especially when it comes to SEX! It’s a big deal, and it comes with big responsibilities! It creates soul ties to people we don’t want to be tied to – in any way – let alone our soul! So don’t give your gift away so freely. And don’t allow someone to use you and then throw you away like a cheap suit.

Beloved, you are a daughter of the Most High God. Your parents, and Jesus Himself – have been praying for you since before you were born. They want to see you prosper in all areas of your life. Don’t be like that woman at the well, lost and thirsty – let God quench your thirst. For even though it seems that becoming an adult is so far away – it’s just a brief moment in time. To God, just a mere second, and before you know it – it’s here. Your father will be presenting you to your husband to be – very soon. So why not be the true bride – for him and for Christ? Be spotless, holy and without blemish. Stop your wicked ways that seem innocent to you, and ask God to restore your heart and renew your mind. Your wedding day is not that very far away, and just like our Heavenly Father presented Eve to Adam – so will your father will present you to your husband. Adam said, “This is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh” – and he called her woman. Today – she is called a ‘wife’, and she is referred to by God Himself as ‘a good thing’! So be that good thing, that crown of glory on your husbands’ head. And girl – above all else, remember – your value is far above rubies!


You dont have to take your clothes off by Jermaine Stewart

Not a word, from your lips
You just took for granted that I want to skinny dip.
A quick hit, that’s your game.
But I’m not a piece of meat, stimulate my brain
Night is young, so are we.
Lets get to know each other better, slow & easily.
Take my hand, lets hit the floor.
Shake our bodies to the music.
Maybe then you’ll score

Chorus: So come on baby, wont you show some class
Why you want to move so fast.
We don’t have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no
We could dance & party all night
And drink some cherry wine
Uh huh
We don’t have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no
We could dance & party all night
And drink some cherry wine
Uh huh
Na na na na na na na

Just slow down if you want me
A man wants to be approached cool & romantically
I’ve got needs
Just like you
If the conversations good
Vibrations through & through

So come on baby, wont you show some class
Why you want to move so fast
We don’t have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no
We could dance & party all night
And drink some cherry wine

Uh huh
Na na na na na na…

Amazing video

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