09, December, 2014 < Gods Glory>

Some say there is beauty in having loved and lost, others say there is joy in having loved and having been loved.  And then there are others who say you haven’t truly lived until you’ve had your heart broken by the one you can’t live without. The one that makes you wonder if letting them go was the smart thing to do. But one never really knows with love, it’s the imprint that they leave on your heart and your spirit that forever leaves a void.

It’s as if the two of you were knitted together – as One you shared one life, one soul and one body. But love often has its casualties and sometimes it comes up with weapons of mass destruction called anger, bitterness, brokenness, loss and pain. We all come with baggage, and so it’s how well we handle these things that determines whether we experience a fairy-tale ending or a virulent one.

There are often consequences that come with love, some we are prepared for, others we are not.  Often, as humans, we try to fix what is broken, we try to repair what is damaged.  Only we can’t because there are limitations on us and our abilities to define something that only our Divine Creator can mend. He is after all, also the Designer and the Creator of who we are trying to fix.

It would be much simpler if we could love the person as they are, and accept all their flaws, and they accept all of ours, but that’s impossible. Because when you truly love someone you want to free them from the things that bind them.  Even at the expense of losing oneself.  You become the sacrificial lamb. But we aren’t called to be that.  We are just to love them unconditionally, as Christ does.

We try to play God, something at which we have no experience nor any capability. It’s as if we can’t trust God, or His promises. Because we can’t envision Him or the vision He has for us. And so we continue to interfere with His designs and allow our free will to come into play. The truth is, if it’s His love story – He needs you to sit back and allow Him to be in complete control even when you can’t see it, or believe it will work out. You have to be still and allow Him to be God.

God has placed the desire in all our hearts to be loved – to know love and experience it. Whether or not we do, is simply a matter of choice.  As humans we sometimes allow our flesh to dictate to our spirit, we have preferences as to what we want and ideas of what we need. And there is nothing wrong with that. After all, His Word does show us the passion between a husband and a wife, and says that no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.

However, the human heart – that we often rely on and trust in – is the most deceitful thing. It’s incurable and no one truly understands how deceitful it is.  It can cause you to lose everything and everyone.  But sometimes it’s the greatest loss that reminds you of what you care about the most. And you have to ask yourself if losing it all is worth it?  Can one truly be a happy beginning again with such a massive loss? You can if you allow Him to write your story, from the beginning to the end.  Allow Him to write the vision He has placed in your spirit, and carry it in your soul. Because that is thing that you are most passionate about, and what ties you to your purpose – your destiny.

Perhaps it simply involves closing your eyes and allowing your spirit to be in control, and then you will be shown what is foretold. For His love story is more than you or I could ever imagine. It’s the prelude to the promise,  that ends with the vows.  It’s the dream He knitted into us when He formed us in our mother’s womb. It’s a love that makes your spirit leap when you first lay eyes on one another. There is this unexplainable thing that you assume is magic but it’s a connection that can never be explained by mere human words. And even if you try to undo what is written in your spirit, you can’t. Because the bond is so strong that it conquerors death and the grave!  You’ve seen the one in all the visions of your life; they’ve been with you in your future, in your present and in your past. A small part of them has been carried with you throughout time.

There are often consequences when we lose ‘the one’.  It’s hard to explain the void that you forever feel. But only our Redeemer can heal that void, because after all He gave us that dream. He is the great storyteller, the great match maker.  But often we don’t allow him to take control. We want to carry the reigns. So here we are once again, His beloved child standing in front of Him with tears in our eyes, pain in our heart, and a void inside ourselves. The fairy tale has ended, and not the way we had planned. We are left with an emptiness and a hole. But there is always tomorrow, to begin again.

The emptiness that you feel, is only temporary,  You will survive and you will love again. But you must be willing to take the risk.  This time you have to allow Him to write your story.   Allow the Holy Spirit to be in complete control of your life, and the story will  always end with His promise. It’s all about allowing your spirit to lead you,  He is the ultimate matchmaker.  The Holy Spirit, is the Groom we all seek  and we all long to be His perfect bride.  Its about submitting ones free will , it’s about allowing parts of you to die, so that you can live and walk in His perfect will.

There is a lesson to loosing the one, and moving on. Yes, you will always carry a part of them in your heart. But you let go, and pray one day that you will meet again.  And if by chance the opportunity arises, and you get a second chance – take it! Don’t allow your past mistakes to dictate your future. But if they never return, count it all joy. That you were blessed to have known them.  Losses are sometime the price we pay, when it comes to love. But there is always beauty in the ashes left behind.  And God always has an unwritten chapter for us, yet to be discovered – if we simply trust in Him.


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