The Fear of Transition


09, October 2014 < Valrelyn Parson>

The fear of transition, of moving forward into unfamiliar territory is frightening. Abram left his family and all he knew because of his belief in Me. He didn’t know what the future held, but he knew he would be alright. Sometimes it’s comforting to stay where you are planted and attempt to bloom there. But what if I moved you to a more fertile ground! Are you willing to bloom there? Or will you just wither up and die where you are?  Is it the fear of something new, the fear of the unknown that keeps you rooted where you are?

Transitioning into new a territory is fearful, Moses and the Israelite people wandered in the desert for 40 years – out of disobedience and fear of transitioning into a new territory. They were afraid of the giants in the new land, and their fears of something new, something different  kept them from entering into the promised land.  It wasn’t until the old generation who ‘lived the past’ had died, that the rest were able to see what God had promised them. What keeps you captive in the land you are in my child? Is it fear of the unknown or lack of trust in me? Is the report of 12 spies keeping you from moving into your promise land?  Will their report keep you in a land that is not your home and prevent you from seeking and obtaining all that I have promised you?

You see the enemy knows your dreams, and he knows My promises to you. He knows your weakness and how to keep you from moving forward. And all he has to do is plant a thought or a word that seems like it’s Mine – but it’s not! He knows that you will believe whatever or whomever he sends your way. Because you are fearful of what is to come.  You are comfortable in your current environment, you’re okay with things as they are, even though the relationships are stagnant at best. But at least you have the security of family and friends, right? Its comforting, it’s a security blanket that makes you feel safe.  But unfortunately, you can’t see the vision I have for your life because you are afraid to give birth to your dream. So you walk around pregnant with a baby inside of you. And you keep saying, “God, when is it my time, when am I going to get what You promised me?”

God replies, “I have already prepared the promise, it is time, but you can’t see it because you don’t want to.”  And maybe, it’s because you simply refuse to see it. Because it’s not what you wanted, it’s not how you envisioned it. My plans and my ways and my thoughts are not like mans. I give you what you need, and by grace I give you what you want. But sometimes, as a parent with any child – I know what is best for you. And like most children you refuse My gift because it’s not what you wanted, or better yet, it’s not what you prayed for. I listened to you pray, over and over, for a new transition to a new place. I have given it to you. But you’re listening to the spies, not Me. You, like your forefathers, cannot see the promised land. You are held captive by your mind.

Transitioning into a new land means being a new you and no longer the old. It means blossoming in the new land with which you are unfamiliar. It means taking a chance for a re-birth and new growth. It’s an opportunity to be all that you desire to be, and to leave the old behind. For man, transition is often scary because they can’t see the vision clearly. You stay in relationships and places because of security and comfort.  Because you are too afraid to lose the comfort you know, for fear of the unknown.  You don’t know what the future holds and you are fearful of taking a chance because you are afraid of failure , but maybe – even more afraid of success.

My, child you see you talk as if you want the promise, and you believe you want it. In your mind and in your heart you have prayed for it. I’ve even given you a glimpse of it. But you are too afraid to grasp it, for fear that it’s not real. So instead, you stay in the land where there are giants. You actually prefer to remain with the discomfort of the giants, because at least that pain is familiar – than to face the fear of moving forward to the unfamiliar – where My promise awaits.

You can’t be here and be there at the same time, you can only be present in one place. So how does one transition from the comfort of the womb to the journey outside? Do you hang on to the familiar in hopes that the world passes you by and you forget that you have a destiny to complete? It’s comfortable in chaos because at least you know your giants, they are familiar. The idea of recreating oneself and becoming who you are destined to be is frightening, for that is unfamiliar.

There is trauma in transitioning because you don’t know what the future holds.  You are afraid of the new land and what awaits. So you cling to the old.  A transition takes you out of your comfort zone and we don’t like that.  You can’t do what you used to do, you have to move forward. You have to move. It’s like being on a river and when the current moves you, you have no control of where you will land. But you have to be prepared for when the river comes to a stand still – and you walk out onto new ground.

It’s time to transition. You don’t fit in where you are now, you no longer feel comfortable, and you likely know why. Yet you keep trying to fit in a place where you no longer belong. You may have to sacrifice, you may have to give up some things. But they are not lost, because to begin again, sometimes you have to let go of the old so I can replace the old with new.  My child, if you are a new creation in Me, old things have passed away and you have become new.

It’s a new time in your life, I have prepared a new place for you – it’s time to move forward into the promised land. Don’t allow the giants to keep you captive any longer.

It’s time to realize your destiny, but you won’t if you’re still connected to your past. You cry, when no one can see, because you still long for the comforts of a past that is not your future. You are torn, in limbo – too here to be there, and too there to be here. You are no where! You have to let go and choose life. Choose the path I have laid out for you. The path to Me is, “Enter in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be who go in there.”

I have pushed down the walls, and by putting all your fears aside – you are finally here. You are like Jacob bruised by the transition. You have come into the promised land. There is a limp in your walk that reminds you of what it took to get to here. You made it in spite of your fears and doubts.  Your faith in Me brought you through. The scars from your past are no longer with you. I know your secrets I know your bruises – and I have made you whole again! Well done, My good and faithful servant.


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