The perfect blueprint


October 2013 <Valrelyn>

Can we build a house together? For I AM the foundation you want to build upon; and I AM the rock you want to build on. The wind and the rain can’t wash ME away. A house built on a solid foundation won’t allow life’s little pitfalls or insecurities make you question or second guess your choice. When you consult with ME during the planning stages. I will design the blueprint for you, I know where each wall should go, and what walls should come down. MY child , MY approval is key to making it work. For we know that all things work together for good to them that love ME, to them who are the called according to MY purpose. I AM the master builder, and I AM the architect. You should desire MY blueprint for building your house. I want to make sure that no stone is left unturned and that it is built on a solid foundation which is MY word. For this reason shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. MY Love, can’t you see it vividly, with MY blue print and guidance this creation will not only be blessed – but an anointed union.

There are many who start the building process, but never consult with ME. And they wonder why it crumbles. For you MY child failure is not an option and is not in your vocabulary. It is written in MY word that the steps of a valiant man are ordered by the Lord. You ask, Lord does that mean that all men are strong and courageous or just some? So often, MY child when you are single you settle, or you find yourself content to be in a relationship for the sake of not being alone. Why is that? Why would you settle when I only want the best for you?
My child, I have never asked you to settle. I will give you the desire of your heart if you ask. So many of my children are so comfortable with just getting by in relationships, content with being someone’s after thought versus their true heart’s desire. Where is the passion? Your passion is where your heart is. Is your heart there or are you just hanging on by a thread for the sake of saying I am married? We both know that is not my foundation for marriage when I said, husband love your wife as I love the church and gave Myself for it. The church is the bride, she is to be worshiped, and she is to be praised like I am. Can you give praise in a house where there is no love; where there is no joy, nor peace? But many do for the sake of appearance. You can’t worship ME a house that is falling apart.

The house that I design with my blueprint, is a house of love, it’s a house of respect. It is built on a solid foundation. Man is at the head and his wife submits to him, as he submits to me. I AM the head, some listen and seek me; others choose to lean on their own understanding. So many of MY children disregard my blueprint, and they end up like the woman at the well. You are in search of love, but fail to realize that love begins with loving your creator, and yourself. That desire you have to quench your thirst isn’t love, it’s lust. You end up in a relationship, and you stay there trying to make something work – that wasn’t supposed to be from the beginning. But instead of seeking me to mend what was broken, you move on to the next relationship.

I did not create marriage to be disposable, I created it to be forever – until death do us part. I realize that you have make bad choices, but those choices were made because you did not seek me. You did not seek my counsel. You lept, and my blessing wasn’t given. Yet you blame me for its failure. I was not the creator, nor the designer – you were. It was your own free will. If you had listened to that still small voice, that some often assume is cold feet, you would have realized that it was ME. I was asking you, are you sure? But now I AM giving you a second chance, to come to me, and seek my guidance. I AM telling you, it’s not too late – and I want to show you MY blueprint. I know the plans I have for you; I know who I have created for you. But if you refuse, I will still love you. But I will not give my blessing to something in which I was not included. I AM the creator, and everything I create is a masterpiece. I AM the ultimate wedding planner. All others should look to ME for guidance.

As your Father, I gave you a heart to love, I gave you free will. I can only show you my plans for your life. I won’t force them on you. And if you fail I won’t remind your failure, I will mend your broken heart – and then grant you that second, and third chance at love. When the time comes, you will allow me to design your house.



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  1. Keep up the good work. I see your passion for marriage. Much guidance is needed in this field. God bless you.

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