The perfect storm in your life.


09, December 2013 by Valrelyn Parson all copyrights reserved

You are the perfect storm in my life. You came into my life when all was quiet. You brought new meaning to what a storm could be. You bought life into the areas of my life that were barren. You are my perfect storm. You have made my life worth living again! I fell out of a barren land into a land of promise. There is so much life after the storm. Before the storm I just merely survived.  I simply existed in a land of drought.  I was meant to blossom and you brought the rain that I needed to bloom. You are the perfect storm for a life filled with despair. You are the answer to the calmness; my quiet, yet forceful storm.

 When You came, You brought with You the winds and rain and You told me I could breathe again; that I could live again.  I was used to living in barren dry soil, a land where nothing would grow. But then I saw a cloud and there was hope. There is much to be said about the storms of life. Some storms are meant as distractions, some are to force you to go ahead and bring about new beginnings. They offer life. A storm can force us to restructure and look over things from a different view.

 There are times in this season of my life that I just didn’t think I could make it through. The ground below me seemed to crack because the land was so dry with famine and death everywhere. The locust and the cankerworms were taking over. They were eating everything around me, destroying the very foundation of who I was. I felt alone and abandoned, but then a storm came. It’s as if I couldn’t keep track of the things that were happening to me.  But now I feel as though everything is right with the world. That I can breathe again, and smile again – and even love again. These all seem like little things, but when a person has given up on hope and it’s been restored, even the smallest of things are big things to them.

 I realize now that this perfect storm isn’t a season to be feared or to wallow in sadness. It’s a time to really know God and trust in Him; to bring me near to Him. To not think of Him as a small God but the big God that He is! He is the God of more than enough. He is the God Who is a Comforter to the widows, and a Father to the orphans.  He is far more compassionate than we know, and filled with more love and grace than we can imagine. He is the perfect storm that enters into our lives unknowingly, without force and very unexpectedly, and saves us from ourselves. He is an amazing God and I love Him for that – for Who He is.

 I have been in the desert, I have been thirsting for food and drink. I have run until I can’t run anymore. I am tired of the running and weary of fighting. I have fought a good fight, but there comes a point in one’s life that you just want to surrender. For all that is good, for all that is right, and for the simple fact that you no longer want to be lost anymore – you want to be saved. You saved me by bringing in the storm, a distraction to grasp my attention. It’s the small things that makes one realize how in one instant their very life can change. There are situations in life that almost destroy us, for they detour us from what life is all really about. But it takes a storm to put us back on track. The storms keep us grounded and helps to keep our focus on the things of life – the things that truly matter.

 The perfect storm of life is sometimes sent to us as a life preserver – to save us. Some are sent to usher us into our purpose, or force us to cross over into the promise land, when we’ve been walking in the wilderness so long and too afraid to just cross over. It takes a storm to open our eyes and force us to look ahead and not look back. My perfect storm was sent to awaken me, to force me into reality and show me all that I am destined to be and to experience. He knew that the only way I would relinquish the past was to be thrust into the future. So, a storm was sent to force my hand and to say, “This season of my life is over”. There is no mourning in the new season, no weeping and no famine. There is so much life just waiting there for you. Your storm will create new growth and a new season; one where the harvest is white and ready to be reaped and enjoyed – with you bringing in the sheaves.  Don’t run from the wind or the rain – embrace it, dance in it! Allow His perfect storm to overtake you, and bring you to where He wants you to be.


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