The unveiling of God’s Masterpiece


On Jun 28, 2013 3:56 PM, “Valrelyn Parson” > wrote: all copyrights reserved

They say marriage is an art; it is like an unpainted canvas awaiting the first brush of paint. The choice of colors is as vivid as the rainbow. Choosing the right color and medium is key to a successful painting and relationship. You have two people with two vastly different views of what color should go where on the canvas of life. What if by chance neither person can choose the right base to start with? Does one give up on the perfect picture? There is a perfect picture, but knowing the beginning of where to start is easy. However, for others it is hard because the art of compromise is often difficult for some.

The pure ability to master a relationship is a trying task. I think sometimes we forget that the two must become one. The colors and  textures must blend as one constant unified image. We must blend together so well that it is impossible to tell where he begins and where she ends. We are both created in Gods image, I was created out of man and taken from his rib.

This picture is a portrait of God’s perfect plan; it takes the three of us to make this painting a masterpiece. The Master is the grand Creator of this masterpiece that the two of us are painting. We are two willing souls who are in pursuit of the perfect painting.  We must abide by His will for our lives,and follow His direction in order for our picture to be a success. I see the colors so vividly on canvas, yet I don’t know what the final image will be. I tend to go for the bold bright colors  while you prefer the subtle more subdued colors. What will the final masterpiece be? We are like children playing with finger paint think of the fun and laughter we will have created this work of art together. I see splashes of paint on you and me, but there is a joy of creating it together that outweighs the messiness of the paint. It is His will that it be successful, and that with whatever tools we choose to use,  the painting will reflect His love.

My love for you is like a blank canvas awaiting transformation. Through your eyes I will see the vision of what you envision our love to be. God is the great Master at work, and we are His masterpiece. We are completely His body, soul, and spirit. For it is in Him that we will find complete happiness…He knows the future and what it holds. He also knows which strokes go where…whether my love will be reflected through charcoal, watercolor, acrylics, or oil. Only God knows the perfect medium to be used to reflect the light of His love. When the picture is completed, no one will be able to tell where the three of us begin and end. After all, we are a three strand cord that is intertwined together as one.  Was it not God’s vision for the two souls to become as one? We, as one, shall paint the perfect picture of His love for us. My heart will be the canvas and it will reflect the image He wants the world to see, your heart will be the paint on the canvas, and His love for us will make it a complete picture for the world to see. Because it is through Him that we will share the vision of what the future will hold. It is in Him that we will find our resting place and our complete peace. When the world sees our portrait, it will remind them of only God. For our love will be the portrait of Christ’s love for the church. We will not grow weary, or weak during this time of preparation, but we will mount up on the wings of eagles and ride to the very end. For it is the storms and triumphs of life that will be our story, it will reflect our trials, tribulations, and the joy of our love. It will tell our story from beginning to end, it will tell of all the joys and all the sorrows. But it will tell of the love that we have found…the peace…and the joy. It will be a reflection of two souls that were meant to be rejoined together as one.

As I dance with you under the moon, I see Gods smile. I see the portrait of two souls once lost…now found. I see us…our image…our reflection…His light…and His love. I will see colors of amber, gold, orange, red, yellow, white and lots of light, with some traces of violet and blue. But I will see His love like a shade of violet that is indescribable in words.

I get scared when I visualize you, the idea of you and me is overwhelming. The timing doesn’t seem proper at all. And when God said it was you I shivered at the thought of you. You aren’t whom I visualized…you can’t be who I prayed for. However, maybe I don’t know what I prayed for, which is even more frightening…I have this image, this perfect portrait in my mind of who and what you should be. The image in my mind when transferred to paper isn’t you. Maybe you are bits and pieces of that image, or maybe I have been seeing it all wrong. Is your spirit the colors of that Aura Borealis? When I look at you I don’t see that grand northern night show. I see quiet…I see the peace of the cool tranquil sea…I see someone who is soft and humble.  Where I am weak you are strong, but I have to have this all wrong. Where is my explosion of color…I don’t see explosions of color at all. You know…the passion of fiery reds or the dancing golden ambers. You are more like the cool hues of blue, a reflection of peace and calmness like the ocean…or that soft gray blanket that one wraps around herself for warmth and protection. Maybe you are what my life lacks: calmness. Maybe you are that branch I imagine, floating on the water like a leaf, drifting peacefully. I think sometimes peace is a word I often forget. The silence of just being with someone who centers me. The idea of someone who knows me so intimately scares me, for that would mean you know my spirit.

My spirit is an array of colors that best reflect me. I am a vibrant red, while you are a calming blue like the sky; but together we make a passionate purple. A color of great royalty, the color that represents God best. It represents His love, majesty, and all of His glory. Being the artists, we are so used to creating a sketch before we put pencil or paint to canvas. Both of us are so used to being in complete control of what we paint or draw; however, we aren’t in control of this painting. God has the primary sketch and He knows all the details. It is His choice to leave us in complete darkness until He is ready to share. He is the Master at work, carefully putting the brush strokes where they need to be. I may see you as a dull blue, but He sees you as a vibrant  blue. He sees your strengths and my weaknesses. It is only when the two colors are put together on canvas will His strength through us be revealed. We will need that strength, to weather the storms we will face. He is just preparing the canvas for us and when it’s time the painting will begin. God will lead us brush stroke by brush stroke. When it’s finally time to present the painting to the world, the Creator, like all great artists, will unveil us for the world to see.  As He lifts the veil, He presents us as His great masterpiece, husband and wife, to the world for all to see His glory.


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