I want intmacy with you


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My love, to say I love you is a total underestimation of how I feel. I want to spend my life totally encompassed by you … to be near you … I long for intimacy with you. I want that one-on-one relationship with you. I realize that relationships come at a cost, but I paid the ultimate price. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. My love for you was worth the sacrifice, for you are worthy of My life. All I want in return is your heart. I want you to open your heart to the possibilities of you and Me in a relationship.

It is My hope that We can be as One, to be emotionally naked and exposed to one another – no barriers, no walls. Our relationship will be an intimate one. However, intimacy comes with great sacrifice – for it must being able to be totally transparent – to see one another without judgment. It is My desire to share all that I Am, all of Who I Am with you. The man who thinks he knows something, does not yet know as he ought to know. But the man who loves God is known by God. I never want you to compromise who you are for My love and affection. There will be some changes, but no compromise or losing who you are for the sake of the other person. You are My true love, and you will soon know that I am yours.

Run to Me, let Me be the One you run to … don’t be afraid of letting your guard down … don’t be afraid of love. I want you to know that I am with you forever. I want to show you what love can be, and what it should be. I want you to know what it is to have a one-on-one relationship that doesn’t require compromise on your part. I won’t leave you thirsty.  I want to satisfy the quench that burns inside of you. I want to satisfy the hunger that you have, the desire you have to be loved and to know love. I promise that I will never leave you or abandon … “I am not a man that I should lie.” I am not human, so I do not change My mind. Have I ever spoken and then failed to act? Have I ever promised and then not carried through?

My greatest wish is for you is to truly know me, like I know you. I want Us to be inseparable; but it requires you surrendering completely to Me. I want to take you back to a place of innocence, where We walked in the cool of the day. Where trusting Me was all you knew. You shared your dreams with Me without fear. We have a need for intimate communication – even if we don’t always see eye to eye. I am still listening with an open heart; because only an open heart can receive love.

I  will never abandon you,  no matter what you say. I will always be with you. My love for you is unconditional, and your past sins are unimportant to Me for they are forgiven. I loved you even when you turned your back on Me, even when you denied My existence. I won’t leave you … I can’t leave. You must never allow your fears or sins to keep you from having a relationship with Me. When I laid down My life on the cross for you, I paid for all your sins: past, present, and future. So please don’t allow guilt or shame to keep you from Me, because I love you for who you are right now – just as you are. And I love you for who you aspire to be.

I see the walls you’ve put up to protect yourself from past hurts, because you have been wounded so many times. I see the pain you still feel from choosing the wrong person. I know what it is to love somebody and not to be loved back in return. Yet, I still wait because I desire intimacy with you. I want to show you what it feels like to love and be love and not experience hurt. I want to show you what it is to give one’s self to someone completely without a second thought with no reservations. I yearn to show you what it feels like to be loved completely. I realize I have to allow you to get past the fear of rejection, and the fear of intimacy. However, what if I was offering you life more abundantly – if you chose a relationship with me?

I need you to hold Me very close … so close that you don’t know where I begin and you end. Will you lie in My arms and trust Me to lead you? I want to dance with you. Just close your eyes and imagine the two of Us, your head on My shoulder. I want to lead you. I promise not to let you stumble or fall if you follow Me. There is always comfort in the arms of the One who created you.  It is My desire to show you that love … in My arms.

My love, will you dance for Me as David did without restraints? I want you to dance unashamed, to bare your soul to Me. As I have bared Mine to you. I want you to find rest in Me and come to Me when you are burdened and heavy ladened. My desire is for you to experience intimacy with emotional closeness. That occurs when We are able to open ourselves up and reveal our true feeling, thoughts, fears, and desires. This can only happen when you allow yourself to genuinely trust Me. And it will happen – when you feel like you are willing to take the risk and be vulnerable with Me. There is a desire deep in the heart of every person to know and be known. I created Us for intimacy as a reflection of Myself and My desire to be in a mutual and profound relationship with you.

My love, will you dance with Me; will you  give us a fighting chance? Will you allow Me to have your heart, a heart you have had hidden? I know you are afraid, but don’t be. Please allow Me to tear down the walls of protection you have placed around your heart. Darling, let Me show you all that love can be. Are you willing to trust in Me and believe in Me? My love for you is beyond any human imagination. What I feel for you will last an eternity. Will you open your heart to an intimate relationship with your Father? Can you let go of all your reservations and find comfort in My love? Are you willing to step out on faith?  Are you able to surrender your mind and your heart completely? Don’t allow skepticism to rule your heart or mind, but allow that yearning desire to know Me to rule your heart.  Allow Me to show you all that love can be. Take My hand. I am the One you have waited for. Open the door: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” I am waiting for you, and My answer will be yes.



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  1. This is absolutely beautiful…

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    God wants and intimacy with you.

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