A trasnsformed spirit


By: Valrelyn Parson all copyrights reserved

Awaken My child, arise let the spirit within you take flight; it’s time to spread your wings and fly.  Your cocoon has been a safe haven…it has protected you from the world. It’s time to complete your transformation. It is time for you to spread your wings and fly. My love, new beginnings can be frightening, but it is time to complete the journey. It is time so feast on the nectar in My garden, and be cleansed with My Word. I am ready to release you into the world. You are no longer the caterpillar who longs to be a butterfly, you are indeed the beautiful butterfly who needs to spread her wings.

I have watched you during the birthing stage, where I have sown dreams and visions within you. I have seen you crawling on your knees My child when you felt your dream had died and felt that I had abandoned you; and life felt hard, and not even worth it. You thought I had left you in captivity. My child, don’t be afraid, you have survived the pitfalls…you spoke to the mountain, and it moved. Darling, when you thought all hope was gone, and you felt you would perish in the storm, I was there; I will always be with you, I was even with you as you passed made your metamorphosis.  It was there My love, while you felt so isolated, that you were so sorely tested. Trust Me, you are in My safety; especially when it doesn’t feel like it. Now, you feel just comfortable enough that you are hesitant to get out of your cocoon. It is time to leave that comfort and protection. Awaken… listen to My whispers.

 I have watched you during your transformation the process was not for the weary but for the strong at heart. You have the strength to fly now: Take flight. In the beginning, you weren’t sure you would make it because you didn’t know where the path would lead. The process was so tiring and long…truly the road less travelled.  Few are willing to make the sacrifices to achieve it. My child, I watched you prepare yourself for metamorphosis. You allowed nothing to separate you from My love. So many aren’t willing to spend that alone time with Me in the dark. They fear the unknown and the changes it may bring into their lives; Love, they allow themselves to become angry and blame Me for their troubles. Sometimes it’s your unwillingness to submit yourselves to Me completely that causes you pain.   Never fear Me, My love for I AM Agape Love. Do not be afraid of My embrace…seek the comfort of My love and the One Who loves you most.

My love, emerge from the Chrysalis: it is time to push your way out. Come on darling, you can do it. It is time to trust your wings and take flight; it is time to soar like you never before.  Your time has come to achieve all that you were meant to be…it is time for My glory to be manifested within you for all to see.  Beloved, it is time to pursue your purpose. Do not allow anything to hold you back.  I had to break you My child by taking you out of the familiar and placing you amidst the unknown, before I could use you. The metamorphosis was My way of delaying you and preparing you for My purpose. I realize My love, that the waiting period seemed unbearable at times, but it was so important and vital to the process. It was My way of making sure things went smoothly. I realize that you may not fully comprehend or understand everything, but I do not you want you to suffer, instead My child, I used that time to bless you and to restore the areas of your life that needed a rebirth…I used that time to show you Who I AM, and to reassure you that “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” You are free to soar above the clouds without restraints. You have found your purpose and allowed My Spirit to be your guide. Spread your wings My child, fly like a butterfly, and be free.

It is time to take flight it is time to experience all of My promises. My Love, you should be flying, the anticipation is over there is something amazing waiting for you around the corner. Just trust in Me enough to leap off the edge, spread your wings, and fly.  You are no longer stuck; you have endured the process that made you a beautiful creature. It is time to spread your wings. I have a divine purpose in having taken you through such an intense metamorphosis. I know what it takes for you to fly freely. From birth to crawling on the ground to dying to self to entering your cocoon and ultimately emerging completely transformed.  You are transformed:  the old has died and the new prevails.

My love, you have been born again; you are a new creature in Me, the life you once knew no longer exists. You have a fresh start… a new beginning. Let go of the restraints from your past life, and embrace the future.  It is time to take flight and see the world through fresh eyes. Arise so you can begin your journey, a path to Me… to what is real. There is no sorrow…only joy. I have removed you from the judgment of earthly family and friends. You are completely redeemed, there are divine appointments for you to make.  I have gardens that require fresh pollen, a fresh new word. Spread your wings, feel the gentle breeze coming, take hold, and fly.


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