Parable of pearls

Parable of pearls19,September 2013 Val

I heard a parable of a little girl who saved her money to buy a pearl necklace. The pearl necklace she purchased was fake, but it didn’t matter. She wore that necklace everyday. She loved it like the real thing. One day her father ask her if she would do something for him. He asks her to take off her necklace and she said no daddy because she loved it so. He asked her several times. But one day he asks her one more time – and this time agreed. And he took out a black satin bag and handed her a string of genuine pearls. To replace the imitation pearls.

Life lesson, sometimes we hold onto the wrong person or the wrong relationship or the wrong dream – as if it’s the real thing. We cherish the imitation person or thing , as if it’s the real thing. It’s not until we release that person or thing or dream that the father will bless us with the real thing. Don’t be caught holding onto the imitation when God has the real thing ready and waiting for you.

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  1. This is so so true!!

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